North County Feng Shui is exactly what it sounds like, a feng shui business. Tracy Seipp specializes in helping people enhance different areas of their lives with this ancient practice. She uses this form of interior design to reimagine spaces, focusing on how they should feel rather than how they should look. She does home and business consultations, energy clearing and home numerology.

North County Feng Shui Moodboard

Beginning Stages

Tracy came to me wanting to design a website for her business. She had no idea where to start, and was overwhelmed by the process. She wanted to build a website that added to the flow of energy for her business. After discussing with her what she hopes to achieve and create with her business, I took her on as a client.

We took a step back from the website, and began by creating a cohesive brand together. She told me she wanted her brand to be soothing, calm, inspiring and hopeful. These words helped me determine that her business had a summer personality. From there I was able to take elements from summer brand personalities and incorporate them into her brand design.

Her logo was a top priority for me. I took elements that she liked and summer brand personality traits to design a traditional, serene logo. I chose a serif font to make her brand seem elegant and poise. I used more muted colors to reflect a more serene brand as well. I added in a few graphic touches, and ended up with a logo that Tracy loves!

From there, the next step was to build a moodboard and decide on the graphic elements that would end up being incorporated into her future website. She had mentioned to me that she wanted to incorporate all of the elements in feng shui—fire, earth, air, water, metal—so that was my starting point when searching for the imagery for her moodboard. After making sure that the photos were all cohesive with one another, I was able to finalize her moodboard design and move forward to the next step of the process.

The Problem

Build Tracy a professional website to help grow her business

The Must Haves

  • Clean & modern website design
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Showcase her services
  • Provide information about herself
  • Easy way to contact her
  • Links to her social media profiles

The Solution

Front and backend WordPress creation with Phlox theme

North County Feng Shui Responsive North County Feng Shui Responsive