When I started working at Mantra Yoga & Juice Bar in 2015, their branding had no direction. I took the design elements that they had—a solid color palette and typography elements—and ran with it. Over the last 2 years I have transformed their graphic marketing and taken it to new levels. I create a variety of graphics including: printed flyers, website images, social media graphics, email marketing graphics, and more.

Membership Emails

Graphic Design

I created a marketing graphic to add to an email campaign we were running during a membership sale.

Workshop Flyers

Graphic Design | Copywriting

I have unified brand aesthetic for all of the studio's flyers.

Membership Flyers

Graphic Design | Email Marketing

With input from my superiors, I designed an all-in-one flyer that includes membership and schedule information.

Workshop & Retreat Flyers

Graphic Design | Copywriting

I create all of the workshop and retreat flyers for the yoga studio.

Teacher Training Flyer

Graphic Design | Copywriting

I was instructed to create a flyer including the important information concerning our teacher training program.