How to Ruin A Scenic Roadtrip

Publish date: July 2016
Did you know southern and central California is full of fracking wells? I didn’t until I went on my very first road trip through California, all the way from San Diego to San Francisco. I was surprised and concerned to see this phenomenon. I had no idea what it was, but it looked strange and unnatural to me. Truthfully, it made me mad.
During that trip I made a promise with myself: I would delve deeper into this topic when I got home, and write an article about what fracking is, why it’s so prevalent in the US, and its implications for the environment. And so I did it. I also went one step further and added into the presumptive democratic nominee’s stance on the issue in the piece as well.
This article is now published on Elephant Journal. I hope you gain a little more knowledge through my words and will stand up with me and say NO to fracking.
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